Integrity Core Services (ICS) is your local, full-service remediation and abatement company. We are dedicated to providing safe and innovative solutions to problem situations involving hazardous substances. We develop and implement cost-effective, comprehensive solutions to a wide spectrum of environmental and bio-hazardous problems including safe asbestos removal, bio-hazard clean-up and illegal substance clean-up. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Integrity Core Services has established an excellent reputation as a reliable and trustworthy contractor for a wide variety of businesses and industries throughout Northern Colorado including Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland and Greeley. Our clientele include large corporations, financial institutions, churches, schools, hospitals, and private residences.

Over the past twenty years, we have successfully completed thousands of environmental remediation projects, while maintaining an excellent safety performance and regulatory compliance record. Much of our new business comes from client referrals and companies/individuals who have a long history of mutual respect and quality performance from our professional staff.

State and Federal regulations are becoming more stringent each year. Whether you have a current environmental concern or plan to prevent a future one, Integrity Core Services has the answers. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive environmental compliance program, which meets your current and future needs. Our goal is to minimize your liability in the most cost-effective manner.

Asbestos Removal & Remediation

The RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) regulations are primarily focused on prevention rather than response or cleanup of wastes already released. However, the waste generated from the cleanup of environmental contamination, known as remediation waste, is an important part of the RCRA hazardous waste program, because environmental media contaminated by the release of a hazardous waste often retains the classification of hazardous waste. As opposed to on-going waste management, remediation activities often involve less concentrated wastes, one-time activities, and shorter-term activities. EPA or an authorized state oversees remediation activities.

The regulations regarding remediation wastes are essential to ensure that facilities properly clean up contaminated areas. To provide regulatory flexibility while protecting human health and the environment, EPA updated the Requirements for Management of Hazardous Contaminated Media Rule and issued Amendments to the original Corrective Action Management Units Rule. In addition, EPA issued a series of regulations and policies to address these issues. EPA is working to provide greater flexibility for non-media remediation wastes (such as remedial sludge), address certain statutory permitting provisions, and provide more appropriate treatment requirements for remediation wastes.